A Lighthouse Keeper Are Ye? A Wickie Eh?

“A Lighthouse Keeper Ye Be Lad. A Wickie Aye?”

I’m testing out increasing the speed of the steampunk spiders. the spiders are supposed to be defective and not properly maintained so they drag some limbs and spew sparks. they also can act in packs to swarm and kill the player and can communicate with each other over a small distance.#solodev #cerebalpalsy #autism #horrorgames #pcgaming #lovecraft #ue5 #spider

♬ original sound – The Wickie

The response to The Wickie on TikTok has been incredible and I am very grateful to all users who are finding out about The Wickie from there!

My goal with TikTok is to add something new every day and tell you what is happening with The Wickie, as it happens!

You can also join my discord if you would like to hang out and talk about the game and find out more!

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