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Thanks so much for being a tester for The Wickie – it is very appreciated as I know that it can be a lot of work. Following, you will find a summary of what needs to be tested at the moment, a test submission form and the manual.

Comprehensive Testing Guidelines for Day 1 – “The Wickie”

Welcome to the testing phase of “The Wickie.” As we embark on this journey together, your insights and feedback are invaluable in shaping the final experience. Day 1 is a crucial part of our game, laying the foundation for the story and setting the tone for what’s to come. Below, you’ll find detailed guidelines to help you navigate this first day and report your findings effectively.

Objective: Your primary goal for Day 1 is to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, explore Gondola Island, and complete the initial set of tasks leading you to Asylum Rock. Pay close attention to gameplay flow, narrative integration, and the overall atmosphere.

Key Areas for Feedback:

  • Gameplay Mechanics and Control: Assess the responsiveness and intuitiveness of the WSAD movement and mouse or controller for looking around and interacting. How do these controls feel in terms of engaging with the game world and characters?
  • Narrative and Dialogue: Pay attention to your interactions with Neil, Jack, and other characters. Is the dialogue clear and engaging? Do these interactions seamlessly guide you through your objectives without revealing too much?
  • Mission Clarity and Flow: Evaluate how well the game directs you from talking to Neil, to finding Jack, and onwards. Is the mission structure clear? Do you understand where to go and what to do next?
  • Environment and Atmosphere: The setting is a character in its own right. Note your impressions of Gondola Island and the transition to Asylum Rock. Does the environment evoke the intended feelings of mystery and unease?
  • Bugs and Glitches: Keep an eye out for any technical issues, such as clipping through environments, textures not loading properly, or unexpected game behavior.
  • User Interface and Accessibility: How effective are the interaction prompts (e.g., the “?” icon)? Is the “Bill has had a thought” feature intuitive, and does it add to your understanding of the game and character?
  • Side Quests and Exploration: Engage with the side quest involving Peter for a health boost. How well does this quest integrate with the main storyline? Does it encourage exploration and reward your curiosity?
  • Puzzle Solving: The power system puzzle is a significant part of Day 1. Is the puzzle challenging but fair? Are there enough clues to solve it without becoming frustrating?

Reporting Your Feedback: When reporting your findings:

  • Be Specific: Provide detailed descriptions of your experiences, especially when reporting bugs or areas for improvement.
  • Offer Solutions: Where possible, suggest how an issue might be resolved or how a game element could be enhanced.
  • Include Examples: If referring to a specific part of the game, mention the location and what you were doing at the time.

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The Wickie Online Testers’ Manual


Welcome tester – a big thank you from myself.  Good testing is massively important in game development and I honestly appreciate any time that you can give to helping me craft The Wickie into an enjoyable game experience.  

In the cosmic horror adventure “The Wickie,” players are transported to 1936 Scotland, taking on the role of Bill Fisher, an assistant lighthouse keeper on the mysterious Pandora’s Rock. This first-person narrative unfolds in the Outer Hebrides, an ancient and remote archipelago where danger and mystery lurk around every corner. From eerie steampunk refineries to ancient temples, and from desolate Scottish ruins to serene landscapes overshadowed by alien horrors, “The Wickie” offers a rich tapestry of exploration and intrigue.

Players will navigate a world filled with complex characters, each contributing to the unfolding story of mystery, survival, and cosmic dread. Without relying on brute force, players must use their wits, cunning, and determination to uncover the island’s secrets, facing not just physical dangers but the challenge of maintaining their sanity in the face of the unknown.

“The Wickie” is not just a game; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a hauntingly beautiful world, where your choices carve paths through the darkness. Will you light the way, or be consumed by the shadows that dance at the edge of reality?

The significance of your input can not be understated.  You are going to help me understand issues that players may face and also help me fine tune the story so that the various encounters and explorations work to the best effect.  Because I have created this world, I know where all its secrets lie, so your help is invaluable here in bringing fresh eyes and ears to the world.

Game Overview (Spoiler-Free)

  • Set in 1936 Scotland, featuring an atmospheric Outer Hebrides setting.
  • Players assume the role of Bill Fisher, assistant lighthouse keeper on Pandora’s Rock.
  • First-person narrative adventure focusing on exploration and puzzle-solving.
  • Emphasis on narrative and character interactions without relying on combat.
  • Themes of cosmic horror, mystery, and survival in a hauntingly beautiful world.
  • Features a mix of ancient and steampunk elements within the game world.
  • Gameplay includes maintaining sanity while uncovering the island’s secrets.
  • Designed for players who enjoy deep stories, exploration, and atmospheric settings.

Testing Objectives for The Wickie testers.

  • Weekly feedback on new features and side quests to gauge player engagement and interest.
  • Identify and report serious game bugs, including crashes, gameplay blockers, or graphical glitches.
  • Report typographical errors and inconsistencies in game dialogue or descriptions.
  • Test the save game system rigorously, ensuring compatibility across updates without loss of progress.
  • Explore and experiment with missions to discover alternate paths and solutions, aiding in identifying potential game skips or areas requiring adjustments to maintain gameplay flow.
  • Emphasize testing for playability, focusing on areas where players might get stuck or experience difficulty progressing.
  • Encourage creative problem-solving and exploration to help identify any overlooked areas that might affect the game’s balance or narrative coherence.

Quick Start Guide for “The Wickie”

Welcome to Gondola Island, your first step into the mysterious world of “The Wickie.” As you embark on your journey, here’s how to get started:

  • Movement: Use the W, A, S, D keys to move forward, backward, and side-to-side. Use your mouse to look around. If you’re on a controller, movement and look functions will follow a standard layout.
  • Interacting: Approach characters or objects of interest. When the center screen dot turns into a “?”, you can interact by pressing the left mouse button or the action button on your controller.
  • Inspecting and Alternate Actions: The right mouse button is used for inspecting items closely and performing alternate actions.
  • Bill’s Thoughts: Occasionally, you’ll see a prompt, “Bill has had a thought.” Press Tab to access a special inventory/diary screen where these thoughts and clues are stored.
  • Picking Up and Examining Objects: You can pick up and examine any object that changes the center screen icon to a “?”, offering clues and additional dialogue.
  • Leaning: Use Q and E keys to lean left or right. On a gamepad, use L1 and R1.
  • Using Items: Once you find a torch in a tool cabinet, press hotkey 3 or the up arrow on the D-pad to use it.
  • Mapping and Notes: The game does not provide automatic mapping or note-taking tools. Keep a pad of paper handy to jot down your discoveries and thoughts.

Your first task is to locate Captain Malin on this enigmatic island. Begin your adventure by talking to Neil, who stands in front of you as you start. Good luck, and embrace the mystery of “The Wickie”!

Guidelines for Testing “The Wickie”

  • Explore Thoroughly: Venture beyond the beaten path to uncover hidden areas, items, and potential secrets. Your curiosity helps ensure all aspects of the game receive attention.
  • Replicate Issues: When encountering bugs or glitches, try to reproduce them, noting the specific actions that led to the issue. This information is invaluable for our debugging efforts.
  • Provide Detailed Feedback: Describe your experiences in detail, including what you liked, what could be improved, and any bugs or issues you encounter. Include screenshots or videos if possible.
  • Test on Various Systems: If you have access to different hardware configurations, please test the game on as many as possible. This helps us optimize performance across a wide range of systems.
  • Experiment with Gameplay: Try different approaches to solving puzzles and completing missions. Your experimentation can help identify unintended shortcuts or balance issues.
  • Save System Vigilance: Pay close attention to the save system. Test saving and loading at different game stages to ensure progress is accurately recorded and retained across updates.
  • Note-Taking: Keep detailed notes of your experiences, including bug reports, feedback on game mechanics, and narrative elements. This organized approach helps us track and address issues more efficiently.
  • Communication: Stay in regular contact with the development team, submitting feedback, and participating in discussions to share your insights and observations.
  • Your contributions are critical to polishing “The Wickie” into a seamless and engaging experience. Thank you for your dedication and thoroughness.

Spoiler Alert for Day 1 of “The Wickie”

To progress through Day 1:

  • Initial Steps: Start by speaking with Neil, who directs you to Jack. Jack gives you the mission to board the gondola to Asylum Rock.
  • Sidequests: Interacting with sailors and Peter opens a faster travel option.
  • Puzzle at Asylum Rock: Travel to Pandora’s Rock, find Captain Malin near the old, locked gate. The first major puzzle involves resetting power systems via breaker switches in the lower tunnel leading from the Quay to the Engine Rooms. For hints, speak with the cat outside the lower engine room.
  • Completing the Puzzle: The main switch is at the top; watch out for rockfalls. After restoring power, return to Captain Malin, open the gate, and proceed to the main Keeper’s Station. Ending the day involves having dinner with Malin and going to bed, starting Day 2.
  • Timing: Completing these steps end-to-end takes about an hour if you’re familiar with the locations.
  • Health Boost Sidequest: Peter at Asylum Rock offers a sidequest beneficial for a health boost during the mission.

Again I want to thank you for this.  This is the ever game I have worked on as a solo developer that will go to a proper release and although I have a lot of experience in the industry and as a game developer, I find showing people what I have been working on for so long very hard and un-nerving.  Thus I genuinely appreciate your hard work and care in working with me to make sure that this is a worthwhile release and not just a waste of time! 

You can email me at MrCrisRobson@Gmail.com or cris@3d-palace.com if you need me.