Devlog 7.2.1 – The Wickie.

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. Today, I’m rolling out version 7.2.1 of “The Wickie.” This update comes after a brief hiatus, a period during which I took some time off to grieve the loss of a dear friend, my dog. It’s been a challenging time, but I’m gradually finding my way back to the development desk.

With this version, we’re essentially taking a step back to move two steps forward. Due to some unforeseen issues with code interactions, I’ve had to roll back the wiki to a state from about a week and a half ago. This means we’ve temporarily lost a couple of new features that were in the works. I want to assure you that this is a minor setback and part of the fluid process of game development.

What this rollback means for “The Wickie”:

  • We’re reverting to a stable state to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.
  • A couple of the newer features are being reworked and will be reintroduced in future updates.
  • This version lays down a solid foundation for more exciting, stable, and innovative features to come.

I appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these waters together. Your support means the world to me, especially in times like these. Looking ahead, I’m excited about the future of “The Wickie” and sharing with you all the incredible things we have in store.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Let’s keep the beacon of Pandora’s Rock shining bright.

Milestones and Island Landscapes

As I look over the vast landscape of Pandora’s Rock, the sense of pleasure I get from knowing that I have finally optimized the FPS for the landscape after all this time (like 2 years) and that I can now present the east side of the Island as I always have wanted to is massive to me.

Three years ago when I started working on this project the idea for this side of the island was that there was a small village there and some industry from the sinister Marsh family and their mining efforts. Over time that section of the story has slowly expanded and the Marshh family holdings that they used to have stand as a stark juxtaposition against the small Hebridean homes of the former villagers.

The obstacle to getting this done has been a constant issue of framerates and GPU/CPU cycles. Getting the landscape so that it is optimised for real time with its bountiful foliage and its incredible long views was Important to me. As an open world the island has to be explorable fully, no invisible walls preventing the player from finding what they are wanting to find.

Now, thanks to the work that has been done and a final breakthrough I will be able to increase the visual elements that make up this side of the island while at the same time increasing the playability and the excitement for the players.

For anyone in a similar situation to myself in developing this kind of title, check your landscapes carefully. Examine your landscape materials and look for anything causing an issue. Be bold and merciless on your own work. Once you have the landscape material optimised and the landscape laid out while not causing severe performance spiking then you are good to go! I choose not to have my landscapes loading by world partition for this main area to stop pop in. The landscape is nanite enabled so it is a balancing act.

So, that’s what is happening folks. See you at the next update.


Unveiling the Mysteries: A Glimpse into the Enhanced World of The Wickie

Good evening, fellow explorers of the eerie and the unknown,

Today, we’re peeling back the veil on some enthralling enhancements we’ve woven into the fabric of “The Wickie”. As the moon whispers secrets to the restless sea, let us guide you through the latest symphony of updates.

A Rewarding Twilight Each day’s end brings its own satisfaction, but now, we’ve rekindled the hearth of rewards to make it truly special. As the lighthouse dims, you, the keeper, get to sink into your favorite chair, letting the melodies of an old gramophone wash over you. It’s a time for respite and reflection, a moment where the game breathes with you, transitioning seamlessly into the mysteries of the morrow.

No Stone Unturned The strange grotto, once perched atop the island like an enigmatic sentinel, has merged back into the mists of creation. In its stead, we’ve carved the rock formations to reflect the harsh, haunting beauty of the island’s crown. Here, the rocks tell stories, whispering of age-old secrets and tales waiting to be unearthed.

A Symphony of Code Our code – the loom upon which the fabric of “The Wickie” is woven, now houses hidden harmonies for the keen and curious. Delve deep, and you may find treasures of lore, puzzles that tease the intellect, and moments that will send a shiver down your spine.

The Dance of Time and Weather Our world now pulses with the rhythm of time itself. As you navigate the twisted paths and shadowed corridors, time flows, bringing with it the authenticity of the Outer Hebrides. Step out from the underbelly of the island and be greeted by the embrace of a storm, the caress of a snowflake, or the rare warmth of a sunbeam.

The Season’s Whims Spring in our game is a living entity, capricious and ever-changing. Our dynamic weather system – a tapestry of code and artistry – brings the climate to life. It ensures that your journey is as unpredictable as it is thrilling. One moment, you might be trudging through a surprise snow shower; the next, finding solace in an unexpected sunny respite.

As the keeper of the light, your vigil is one of solitude and strength. But remember, in the world of “The Wickie”, you are never truly alone. The island is a character, one that breathes, changes, and sometimes, if you listen closely, speaks.

Until next time, The Wickie Development Team

Stepping into the Enigmatic Isles of ‘The Wickie’ – A Teaser Journey

Hey there, adventurers!

Today, I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek into the sprawling, open-world archipelago of ‘The Wickie’. Imagine stepping into an alternate 1936, nestled in the remote beauty of the Outer Hebrides, where the whispers of Lovecraftian lore breathe life into the misty isles and steampunk ingenuity transcends the bounds of reality.

🎥 Watch the Teaser Now! 🎥

In our latest teaser, you’re not just observing; you’re transported. Glide across the skies in hanging gondola cars, marvel at the ingenuity of steampunk contraptions, and navigate the precarious walkways that reveal the heart of the islands. The old ports, once bustling with trade, now whisper secrets for you to uncover. And the natural landscape? It’s a rugged canvas of beauty, beckoning you to explore every nook and cranny at your own pace.

As a solo developer, the journey to breathe life into ‘The Wickie’ has been a labor of love, clocking over three years of development. What you’ll see in this teaser is a vast world crafted with care—above ground, below, and beyond. Interactions with our diverse cast of NPCs are not just transactions; they’re stories unfolding, relationships forming, and perhaps, the odd secret or two being exchanged.

But what lies beneath the surface? Ah, that’s a tale for the next teaser. There are surprises at every turn—some wondrous, others… well, let’s just say, the isles have their share of shadows.

🌟 Excited? There’s more to come! 🌟

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Embracing the Challenge: My Journey with The Wickie and

A Solo Developer’s Quest: Making ‘The Wickie’ Shine on

For years, I’ve held the domain for without fully harnessing its potential. As a game developer, my expertise lies in crafting engaging gaming experiences, not necessarily in talking about them. Despite my affinity for game development, the world of websites and marketing often feels like an uncharted territory. This is a familiar challenge for many solo developers and small indie studios, where resources and expertise in marketing are limited.

Turning into a Beacon for ‘The Wickie’

What’s the vision for, you might ask? It’s simple: the site is dedicated to my labor of love, ‘The Wickie’. It’s not just a platform to talk about the game, but a space to interact, engage, and ignite enthusiasm among gamers and followers. Balancing the desire to showcase my work while preserving the game’s allure is a tightrope walk. The site aims to strike that balance, offering glimpses into the game without spoiling the adventure that awaits.

Beyond Just Self-Promotion: A Journey with a Heart

Yes, will be my platform for what might seem like non-traditional self-promotion. But it’s more than that. It’s a testament to the journey of a solo game developer, a narrative interwoven with passion, creativity, and a bit of my own quirky personality. ‘The Wickie’ isn’t just a product with a £20 price tag; it’s a story, an experience, a piece of my heart and soul.

A Commitment to the Community: Engaging Content and More

On this day, November 10th, 2023, my 53rd birthday, I make a commitment. will not just be a static page; it will be a living, breathing extension of ‘The Wickie’. Expect features, articles, sneak peeks, and yes, even a trailer. For press and influencers, there’s a press pack waiting. And while a demo might not be immediately on the horizon, given the complexities of creating a vertical slice of an open-world game, the site will offer plenty to keep the excitement brewing.

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