Embracing the Challenge: My Journey with The Wickie and thewickie.com

A Solo Developer’s Quest: Making ‘The Wickie’ Shine on thewickie.com

For years, I’ve held the domain for thewickie.com without fully harnessing its potential. As a game developer, my expertise lies in crafting engaging gaming experiences, not necessarily in talking about them. Despite my affinity for game development, the world of websites and marketing often feels like an uncharted territory. This is a familiar challenge for many solo developers and small indie studios, where resources and expertise in marketing are limited.

Turning thewickie.com into a Beacon for ‘The Wickie’

What’s the vision for thewickie.com, you might ask? It’s simple: the site is dedicated to my labor of love, ‘The Wickie’. It’s not just a platform to talk about the game, but a space to interact, engage, and ignite enthusiasm among gamers and followers. Balancing the desire to showcase my work while preserving the game’s allure is a tightrope walk. The site aims to strike that balance, offering glimpses into the game without spoiling the adventure that awaits.

Beyond Just Self-Promotion: A Journey with a Heart

Yes, thewickie.com will be my platform for what might seem like non-traditional self-promotion. But it’s more than that. It’s a testament to the journey of a solo game developer, a narrative interwoven with passion, creativity, and a bit of my own quirky personality. ‘The Wickie’ isn’t just a product with a £20 price tag; it’s a story, an experience, a piece of my heart and soul.

A Commitment to the Community: Engaging Content and More

On this day, November 10th, 2023, my 53rd birthday, I make a commitment. thewickie.com will not just be a static page; it will be a living, breathing extension of ‘The Wickie’. Expect features, articles, sneak peeks, and yes, even a trailer. For press and influencers, there’s a press pack waiting. And while a demo might not be immediately on the horizon, given the complexities of creating a vertical slice of an open-world game, the site will offer plenty to keep the excitement brewing.

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